Friday, November 2, 2007

This is Lake George (as seen from the top of Prospect Mountain.) The little white dots are boats. Lake George is the 2nd cleanest lake in the US. You can see the bottom at 20 feet down. Clearly. Its really cool. The Lake flows North and the residents at the tip of it use the water for drinking. So there are very strick guidelines on who and what uses the lake. It's also 35 miles long. Big, Beautiful, Clean: who could ask for more. Well...
Imagine the cliche summer. Warm sunny days followed by cool nights. Laughter of children playing in the water, board games, lazy days, fireflies that light up the night better than Christmas. Does a place like this actually exist? Is there a place where you can ride your bike down bike paths, explore cool trails, eat great local cuisine that you conviently walk down the street for? Can you come with your family and meet friends that you can only see in the summer when they travel there, too? YES! In Lake George! Lake George fits all those summer cliche's. They were written about here! So, plan your trips and pack your bags for Destination upstate NY...Lake George!

Prospect Mountain is a mt here that on a clear day you can see into Vermont, all around NY, Lake Champlain, and sometimes into Canada (with Binoculars...good ones). We went on one of the last days of the season. It's closed in the winter. But the views are beatiful! Here we are as a family (some more happy than others.)

It's Autumn time, It's Autumn time......

Halloween has come and gone. The leaves have turned BEATIFUL colors and now they are brown and on the ground. The wonderful weather is now chilly and below freezing some nights and we are in NY until Christmas. BRING ON THE FOOD!!

It's time for the food network to start airing all their yummy holiday foods. Who ever thought sweet potatoes could look so good. Oh, by the way......we have places here that serve sweet potatoe fries with raspberry sauce instead of ketchup.....WOW! It's true: everything tastes better Fried! (i.e. bean burritos, dill pickle slices, snickers, cookie dough and last but not least twinkies!) On that notes, kudos to my sis-in-law Rachael for wanting to bake bread for everyone this year instead of sweets. I'm going for the sweets option. :) Happy baking everyone!