Monday, August 18, 2008

Faithful Friends!

I just returned from a 3 day trip to Indiana (without the kids!). Scott and I toured and Amish community (what great people!) and then spent a full day in Chicago. We say Wicked. It was awesome.

I was then pinning the loss of summer, the fact that the kids are going back to school (I'm so used to having them around), the absence of Scott adn having to face the approaching school year along, and then wondering what on earth I was going to do to take up time during the days. (Not that Eli and Aaron aren't work) Ok, do you feel sorry for me yet!?! :) hahaha Then I got on a friends blog and saw how well she was doing with it. I went to mine to see what I hadn't done and I saw some great comments from friends. I then realised that EVERY time I have gotten into a funk and needed a project to work on, that it's been me FRIENDS!! that have helped me through.

I'm setting a goal to work better on the blog. I'll get pictures in here and updates on projects and the kids.

Thank you to my friends for keeping me going, for helping me when I'm down, and for lifting me up and helping me see my potential. I LOVE YOU ALL!!


PS The picture is of all of us moms that did Joy School together last spring. Almost time for that again.