Monday, September 15, 2008

Eli looking cute as ever. We call him "Sir Destructo".

Aaron having a blast at Chucky Cheese.

Celeste is getting so big. She loved being a part of the reception and wearing her cowgirl shirt!

Dog pile Dad!!

"Life is like a box of Chocolates. You never know what you're going to get." - Forrest Gump

The shrimp at Bubba Gump Shrimp company was so good! Almost better than a box of chocolate!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Joshua in his cast. Of course the cast HAD to be blue! Cutie- he's getting so big.

Demaree helping with the Dinning room.

There's nothing more beautiful than covered wagon loaded with mouth watering BBQ.

Hungry yet?

The plates are of the Texas Flag. It is, after all, a Texas themed BBQ Reception.

Come on over ya'll!

The wedding planner (Alisha), the Bride (Lisa) and Groom (Denis).

Yea, I just like this! :)

Denis and Lisa's cake at Texas Reception. There's a cowboy hat on the top and the flowers are bluebonnets (the Texas state flower). I had fun making it!

Good times in Chicago at Wicked!

Broken Bones

Well we finally had our first broken bone. At my brother in law's wedding reception(Denis & Lisa), Joshua fell off the monkey bars at Grandpa Greats (Denison's) and landed on his arm. *Ouch* Scott took him to the ER and sure enough he had broken his arm just above the elbow. The doctors said it's the 2nd most common break in kids (collar bone is the first). We actually handled it better than I thought. I was sure that I would totally freak out when anyone of my kids got injured like that, but survival instincts kicked in and we did pretty good with it. Plus it really helped that Joshua was a trooper through the whole thing. So far he's been our most injured kid, but our bravest. Who would have thought that the little toddler who was scared of the slide & the swings and totally wigged at Rainforest Cafe, would turn out to be our toughest! After watching the Olympics this summer (so cool!), Josh wanted to sign up from gymnastics so he could "go to the Olympics some day." Well those plans were put on halt when he fell. I thought he would be upset and we would have to spend tons of time consoling him. He was a little upset at first, but he just informed me tonight that he is practicing his splits! Go Josh!

Celeste and Josh are in school. Celeste swings moods like the tides coming in. You know there there and can plan on it. When she's happy, she's great. When she's not, just move out of the way. She's still mega helpful. It's great to have her home in the afternoons. She's in twirling (I have to show her the baton boy on America's Got Talent-he's so good) and loves it. She's also taking art lessons from my mom and piano lessons from me. I've been trying to teach her piano lessons for the past 3 YEARS!!! We are still in the FIRST BOOK!!! UGH!!! I told her that she would have to take piano lessons until she could play the hymns. Then she could stop lessons or keep going. It would be her choice. After many heated debates she walked in the room, sat down at the piano and has almost finished the first book on her own (no help from mom). She comes in daily to tell me about a new song she just learned how to play. I'm so excited that she is taking off with this on her own and really doing well with it! Finally! :) Joshua is also taking piano lessons and art lessons. He loves them both. We've even figured out a way to have him practice the left hand parts with out hurting his arm or bending it weird. With Celeste's help (who of course is now "all knowing" since she's almost finished level 1A), Josh is really plugging right along.

Aaron started Joy School again. He was so excited to see his new friends. Plus we have some new ones. He loves it. Everynight he'll ask, "Is Joy School tomorrow." It's really cute. He's really excellerating with mom time and friend time.

Eli is finally learning how to clean up after himself. It's been a crazy 2 1/2 years. I can't believe he'll be 3 in January. Where did the time go!? He's wanted to potty train himself for months, but with summer travel and busy lives, I didn't want to. We are going for it now. We'll see how he does. His cousin Rebekah is also potty training, so Rachael and I have great stories to swap. It's fun to compare how many messes we each have to clean up in a day. Good times.

My life is slowing down a litte and I'm really enjoying it. I'm going to start more painting projects around the house. The dining room was finished about a month ago. I really love the color. Thanks Demaree for all your help! And Dad, I couldn't have done most of the work without your help and advice. I've been wanting to paint the Living room a suede color, but the room is massive. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to take it on. Then Eli *sigh* took a red crayon to the white flat paint walls. I've tried Magic Eraser, 409, straight Clorox, and more and that stuff with not come off. SO, the room get's painted. It'll look really good when I'm done with it.

Scott gets to look forward to painting and cleaning each weekend when he comes home. Fun. He's still going back and forth from Indiana. We should get to be together in January. More to come on that when we actually know something. He stay busy working 4 10-12 hour days and then flying home for 2 days and then flying back. It's a busy schedule, but he seems to manage. It's not ideal, but we are learning alot from it.

We've been very blessed in all of are goings and doings. I love teaching my 11 yr old primary class. They're a riot. And FALL is finally here!! After all the rains from the hurrican's, the weather has gone from hot and sticky to wonderful. I get so motivated when it's cool outside!!