Sunday, September 14, 2008

Joshua in his cast. Of course the cast HAD to be blue! Cutie- he's getting so big.

Demaree helping with the Dinning room.

There's nothing more beautiful than covered wagon loaded with mouth watering BBQ.

Hungry yet?

The plates are of the Texas Flag. It is, after all, a Texas themed BBQ Reception.

Come on over ya'll!

The wedding planner (Alisha), the Bride (Lisa) and Groom (Denis).

Yea, I just like this! :)

Denis and Lisa's cake at Texas Reception. There's a cowboy hat on the top and the flowers are bluebonnets (the Texas state flower). I had fun making it!

Good times in Chicago at Wicked!


Marco & Demaree said...

When did you guys get a blog? Why wasn't I informed? No one ever tells me anything. I'm going to go suck an egg.

Anyway, glad to know about the blog. You're link has been added to our blog. Now you know you've arrived.

Hope all is well.

Walter and Lynsi Hohmann said...

Holy Cow, you did awesome with that cake!! What a fun theme for a reception. You're quite the wedding planner! Joshy looks cute in his cast. I'm glad he has handled everything really well. What a tough kid!