Sunday, June 7, 2009

Summer Time ...... Fun?!

Summer started for us one week ago.   It's been a rather eventful week and I thought I would expound on all the

Celeste and Josh had school on Monday and Tuesday.  

Monday was a regular normal day.  We FINALLY figured out how to get the pool up and running and got an extensive run down from Jenny at the pool store.    We also found out that the heater for the pool is shot.  Since we don't have $3000 laying around, the heater will have to wait.  We've spent the week vacuuming, skimming, scrubbing, repeat.  Eli and Aaron have been helping me.  

Tuesday, Aaron and Eli were helping me.  I'm sitting on the diving board reading about how to do stuff and I hear something and look up and Eli is under the water....fully dressed.  When they say that you see life threatening events in slow motion, it's true.  I can minutely see every detail of me running around the corner of the pool and realizing he was too far out to reach and me jumping in fully dressed to drag him back out.  He was probably in the water a total of 30 seconds, but time really does stand still.  That and I learned that denim pants and denim overalls are Really Heavy when they are wet!  :)  We were both shaken and other than a really big bruise on my knee from dragging him out, we're injure free.  Yea!  AND the day gets even better......

Late Tuesday.....I made soup for dinner and it was boiling hot and Celeste spilled some on her hand and got 4 blisters from it.  Then Eli spilled a whole bowl on his tummy and legs.  I'm glad my mom gave me silvidine (a silver based burn cream) and both of those wounds were healed my the morning.  (Eli didn't have a very good Tues.)

Wed. I was cleaning the pool and stepped off the end of the diving board to the ground and twisted my ankle.  Didn't think much of it, but by Wed. night and Thursday morning, I really thought it was broken.  It hurt so bad.  

Thurs afternoon I went in for Xrays.  It's not broken, but I tore the ligaments.  I'm doing better now, but it's still sore.

Friday, Scott calls me early morning to tell me he'd been in a car wreck.  A semi missed it's turn and slammed on it's brakes.  So did Scott and everyone else on this major road (at 7:45 am).  The semi decided that it would back up a few feet to make the turn instead of going around the block.  It saw the line of cars behind it, but not the little 1990 Saab convertible directly behind it.  Scott held his brakes to keep from hitting the car behind him and layed on the horn.  The truck stopped after the front end of his car looked a little squished in.  We're waiting for the insurance money to pay.  At least he was honest about it and admitted to backing up, instead of Scott running into him (which is what the Police officer thought when he first got there).    Other than a sore back, Scott is doing well.

Saturday we officially swam in the pool.  It took me 30 minutes to get in as far as my waist.  (Think upper Rocky Mountain stream cold).  Eli only got his feet wet, Aaron and Josh only got to their chests.  And then there's Celeste and Scott.  Both enjoyed jumping off the board and gasping for air as they came up.  Definitely like father like daughter moments!  We'll get a pool cover soon and that should help keep the heat.

Sunday, today, has been a beautiful day.  Church was wonderful and the afternoon has been great.  I'm glad Heavenly Father has blessed us with such a beautiful day, after such an eventful week!  Hopefully, this week will be a little less crazy.  I'm leaving for San Angelo on Wed. (all by myself!!!!) to paint the house we have for sale and Scott will have the kids for 5 days!!  So the next blog could be just as eventful!  hahaha  We'll see.  :)