Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Travels

We are now back in Texas (for the holidays). And we left before the snow storm hit in Indiana. Yea!

Wait, Wait......We live in Indiana? Since when? Oh, yea....It's been a year now! A whole year and we are officially Hoosiers!! We each have a very ugly driver licenses, Indiana plates on the cars and a "permanent" address!

However, we are in Texas for 2 weeks for the holidays (yea for paid vacations!). So far we've driven 20 hours (which includes a 2 hour stop at a rest area at 4am). Oh and btw, the reasons the hotels are empty is because everyone is was asleep at the rest areas. What recession!!??

We've had Christmas with my brother Walter and his wife Lynsi (Walty & Lula), had AWESOME BBQ (THANKS Dad!!!), and a huge turkey dinner with all the sides. Plus all the deserts you can eat. We're going to be so fat when this is done with. Hurray for New Years Resolutions. :)

We'll head to San Angelo tomorrow and go to war, ie paintball with ALL the Clayson siblings. BRING IT ON!

Hopefully, I'll have some great pictures of the event. Until then, enjoy these others.

Josh - Age 7

Aaron - Age 5 1/2

Celeste - Age 10

Eli - Age 3 1/2

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